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Q1) I only want a very small quantity what can you do?


If it’s a general type of polybag/sheeting we can usually supply the amount you want whether its one bag or 100, with our extensive stock range we can usually find something exact or close to the specification wanted. 


If it’s more specialist, e.g. a particularly small/large bag or specific colour, print, etc then we would work out the minimum quantity for bespoke manufacture.

Q2) I need some printed carriers quickly for an exhibition but I only want a small quantity & I need them quickly how soon can you do them?


Our minimum quantity for standard retail size is only 1,000 and our fast-track service guarantees a lead time from approval of artwork within 10 working days - there is an extra charge for this, please ask for details.

Q3) I’m considering using recycled polythene (RGPE) what's the difference in quality compared to


There’s no difference in thickness however Virgin has superior tensile strength. RGPE is suitable for most uses apart from food use is ideal for aggregate sacks, dust collector bags, builders sheeting, refuse sacks, etc.

Clarity: Recycled polythene, depending on the thickness, is usually cloudier.

Not for Food Grade: Recycled PE could not be used with food products.

Q4) I need a bespoke bag creating,  can you make samples for testing purposes?

We can make small bespoke samples runs for trials usually within 3 working days; there will be a small charge for this service. 

(See '
our services' refer to item 4 'new product development').  


Q5) I want print on my polythene, how do I supply the artwork?
We can accept the artwork electronically in most formats.

E.g. jpeg, tiff, png, ai (Adobe Illustrator), psd (Adobe Photoshop) or pdf's.


Q6) I am on a tight financial budget, are you competitive?

Price is important but..... "There is hardly anything in the world that some man can't make a little worse and sell for a little cheaper, and the people who consider price only are this mans lawful prey"  - John Ruskin 1819-1900

f in any doubt about the quality of our product, we will supply you with a list of old-established clients that trust us to supply consistent quality, time after time, with the price still being competitive it will not always be the cheapest but as noted above you sometimes have to pay that little bit more to genuinely get the grade you ask for and not risk being ripped off by polythene of a dubious lower grade quality that may not perform as required!


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