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from humble beginnings...

... back in 1995, Durasak was born; the name being synonymous with durable sacks or bags that are puncture resistant with superior tensile strength as demanded by builders merchants for bagging 40kgs of aggregate in sacks that needed to be resilient and endure tough handling and bag sealing.

As well as supplying heavy-duty sacks to this market Durasak also earned a reputation for supplying bedding and upholstery manufacturers with quality bags/covers on the roll. To satisfy the people using polythene covers to protect their quality sofa & mattress products, the bags had to be tough, with correct slip, open easily and have easy reel tear-off properties which we accomplished earning many repeat orders. The success of these products inspired the directors to diversify into other markets resulting in the broad spectrum of polythene products we can offer today.

The mind-set of the owners from the start has been one of seeing "customer care" as the foundation of efficient supply nurturing customer confidence and a desire to place repeat orders.

The motto of "
Qualitas et Servitium" displayed on our original company letterheads demonstrated the owners ethos being that you can be assured that with all our quality products comes a total service package you can rely on.

We have grown with our customers, embracing new ideas and technology, yet retaining the solid ethical foundation that Durasak was built upon in the beginning, maintaining the homely customer focused approach.

People tend to buy from people they like and our customer base is one of 'lets help each other out'. So we will always endeavour to help our customer/partners to get what they want when they want it (fast track if necessary) so they are genuinely looked after.


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