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1) Polythene Distribution - From bespoke manufacture.

Normally delivered within 7-14 days.



2) Ex-Stock Polythene Supply - Can be delivered, usually within 24 hours (see stock list).



3) General Packaging - From Durasak XBL stock, most packaging items can be supplied within 3 days nationwide.

Our Optimax brand catalogue is available on request.



4) New Product Development - This offers an advice service to consider your options, relating to your ideas and is designed to be practical, protect the product and reduce costs. No matter how unique your idea is, we can guide you though the process and in most cases, provide samples to try before production. Any initial questions you have will be answered and you will be encouraged to go to the first stage of development which is a feasibility study to see if the idea is practical without spending thousands of pounds on an unworkable idea. 

Send any questions you may have on product creation to our bespoke team at 

 & receive information to help you take your idea to the next level. This service is free of charge. If you wish to pursue a product development project we can link you to Durasak bespoke for specialist help and advice.


Case study - Jumpstack


A prime example of the above scenario working out to the distinct advantage of the entrepreneur can be seen with the 'Jumpstack' model.

The owner of Jumpstack came to Durasak bespoke with her project based on a simple idea that required a recycled polythene sack suitable, for marketing to the demanding equestrian world where product quality is of the essence and comes into its own. With the assistance of our bespoke team the Jumpstack Bale cover was created as an appealing and desirable equestrian product that fits into the market perfectly. The owner who took out patents for the idea at an early stage was happy that the low start up costs and on-going hand-held service was always there to bring this exciting new product to market - more than just a humble polythene bag a Recycled PE Jumpstack Bale Sack was born, now predicted to be a worldwide brand! 


The question is: How can I add value to a humble plastic bag? 


The answer: This is simply the fund of knowledge accumulated over the years of hands on knowledge within the polythene trade which can be released and added to a 'lights on' person who has an idea BUT doesn't know how to take it to the next level, to make it a) viable b) cost-effective c) marketable d) more useful than the product it replaces. In other words the inventor/creator can fast track the new idea to market if they tap into the 'knowledge bank'.


Although the humble polythene bag cannot be thought of in any way 'desirable', when we add the word BESPOKE it creates something that can even match the a) b) c) criteria listed above! How could it be that a piece of polythene could look appealing in any way? Well, when polythene is engineered in such a way that specific factors are added to the product, the 'Added Value' factor ‘kicks in’.When that happens the product enhancement has taken place the perception now is of an item of greater worth (Please consult our bespoke team for further information).


Bespoke conjures up the idea of a tailor who makes new suits exactly to fit the clients chest/waist/hip (overall shape) made to measure the clients chosen cloth. Although bespoke is not just 'made to measure' in the sense of fitting exactly to a persons shape and size, it is in fact a custom made garment cut and sewn with care and attention to detail, the end being a suit that:


a) is made to last = quality materials are used and sewn together in such a way as to make a tough garment that can retain its shape and appearance despite the 'wear & tear' it is put through during its life.


b) looks good = the quality and cut stand out and it can be said to be a desirable item of clothing.


c) fits perfectly = fit for purpose enhancing the appearance of the wearer.

Image: Tape Measure